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Dacer Gaico
Dacer Gaico is a 25 year old man who lives in Thoris without a care in the world. His interests include a variety of things, from simply spending time with animals, to practicing with his magical bow. Dacer has never been able to remember his life as an infant, so his origins are quite unknown. However, his innate magical ability to summon a bow makes him unique compared to other magic users around him. Ever since he was a little boy, he's wanted to be a guardian alongside his friend Anima. As the years rolled by, that goal has become much easier to achieve. Dacer, in regards to abilities, is able to manipulate many types of energy-type arrows that can mimic certain elements. This supply never ends, and seems to eat away at the lifeforce in his weapon, instead of his body. Due to this, he cannot acknowledge his limits until his bow's energy reserves run dry. One more thing to note, is that Dacer can move incredibly fast while his bow is summoned. This makes him hard to outmanuever, or otherwise defeat. Dacer never thinks in battle however, which doesn't allow him to fully grasp his abilities.
Anima Sword
Anima is a 25 year old man who lives in Thoris, dilligently training everyday to fufill his goals. His interests usually fall in with the nobel; to protect his friends and family by becoming strong enough for all of them. This usually leads to him over-exerting himself for the sake of his companions. It can be thought of as a weakness and a strength. Ever since he was a child, he's shared Dacer's dream of becoming guardians. Just as Dacer, his power has grown significantly over the years. Anima is a sword-master, capable of many different maneuvers using a weapon. Along with his sword skills, he can also use energy-type attacks which both augment his blade, and allow him to use long range attacks. Through sheer determination and training, he has become unbelievably strong and fast, nearly matching Dacer in speed, and already surpassing him in power. Thinking things through clearly in battle is one of his better traits, but he can possibly succumb to his emotions if his enemy constantly pokes fun at them.
Dead Lock
Deadlock, called Lock by his friends, is a young man in Thoris training alongside his friends to become a guardian. He's a very cocky individual, dedicated to improving his skills to become the strongest man around. Despite this, he isn't prone to mistakes when it comes to battle unless testing new abilities, making him a very proficient individual. He idolizes his teacher, Shawn. His eternal rival however, is Dacer, though the idiotic archer doesn't care much for Lock's 'contest' at all. In terms of abilities, Lock is a lancer who wields a weapon which he has been trained to magically summon. Lock uses his weapon in a seemingly reckless manner, but each swipe of his weapon actually shows quite a bit of skill. Along with being able to jump excessively high, he can rush in any direction at high speeds and even throw his lance, able to simply summon it back in his hands in a moments notice. He is also capable of using a blue fire magic, though these spells are sometimes unstable and very dangerous.
Violet Tarez
Violet Tarez is a timid young woman who lives in Thoris and trains alongside her friends to become a guardian. She's fairly young compared to her fellow guardians in training, being only 23. Even so, she's proven to be a very strong ally, despite her tendancies to lose confidence in herself. She's close friends with Lock, Anima and Dacer, and is unable to talk with many others with a clear voice. In battle, she's proficient in using hand-to-hand techniques and ki. Her physical attacks are a lot stronger than one would expect, capable of leveling brick walls, while her ki attacks affect the very soul of their target. She rarely demonstrates her abilities, due to her dislike of violence. Some often question her on why she decided to become a guardian in the first place.