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Chaos trinity
"They say the bonds of brothers are unbreakable. That no matter what they will be the only things that matter in the end of it all."
Quite the interesting story written by Ultimate and his co authots. It deserves a read, so check it out.

Chaos and Control
"Five years ago, Sonic, Tails, and the gang were livng happily in their world. They would fight evil and still manage to keep peace and control to their lives. "
A comic featuring an array of mobians, created by Ultimate. Give it a look if you're a sonic fan!

"War has swept over mobius Political differences and not to mention the everpresent threat of people attempting to take over the world"
As it says, the world of mobius is at war and many beings are swept into battle in this action packed comic.
Soul Cross
"soulcross by [xVegitox]"
So you want stellar effects? An interesting plot? Some crazy fight scenes? Why am I still talking, CLICK THE BANNER FOOL.
X's everyday life
"Everyone knows about Megaman X. From the two anime episodes of Megaman X to all of his video games about him saving the world from the mavericks. HOWEVER, does everyone know about X's life AFTER the games?"
Are you a megaman fanboy like me? Or do you just like the X series? Give this comic a look if either answer was YES.
Fast "Grab your sprites, it's going to be one hell of a ride!"